Meet the Makers

At Maker Faire Vienna 2018 about 900 makers present their innovative and extra-ordinary ideas about topics like 3D-printing, crafting, drones, electronics, fashion & wearables, hacking, Internet of Things, art & design, model making, music & sound, Open Source, robots and upcycling.


If you want to drink the best Coffee to go in Vienna, you cannot miss the Espressomobil. By now, 11 renovated Vespa-cars drive around town and provide coffee lovers with fine latte-art coffee in many different area or on events.

100jährige Waschmaschine STAND E46

Our goal is to build a fully functional, well performing washing machine that lasts for 100 years or can be repaired for at least that long.

3D mal mehr wissen! Österreichische Gesellschaft für 3D-Druck STAND 123

The oeg3d is a non profit organisation with the aim to spread 3D printing in Austria. We are organising hands on workshops with schools or private groups. At our booth you will see various 3d printed objects and "singing" 3D printers.

3D-Druck auf Textil STAND E69

3D printers and their results are well known. We print on t-shirts and bags. Cool prints you never have seen before.

A BAG Recycling & Upcycling STAND E30

A BAG - Recycling & Upcycling is a young label based in Vienna, Austria. We give a second life to used plastic bags and coffee packaging. They become very useful bags in different shapes and sizes.

A Speedy Potato STAND H03

A Speedy Potato sells Belgian style organic french fries, cut on-site with a selection of different sauces. Deep-fried and very crispy, they are the perfect snack for you!

Airplane Innovation - Luka2 STAND E49

I am going to present: -Unmanned solar airplane, that flies just on solar energy. -Hybrid airplane, a combination of hydrogen reactor and electric. -The electric airplane made up of composite material. -3D Printed airplane. -and a whole lot more :)

Al X Cosplay & Props STAND 220

I am building Costumes and Props from different Games and Movies using 3D printers.

Amalettomat STAND 210

Fully automatic crêpe machine!

Animatronic STAND E19

Animatronic Dinosaurhead - produced by 3D-Printing, controlled by Arduino

Anni's Art and Living STAND E03

Furniture, which is up-cycled and revamped, gets the 2nd chance and how to make old treasures, new. It's all about color, pattern and the art of creating something unique.

AquaPonik für zu Hause STAND E76

In urban areas many people only have little outside surfaces at their disposal. You can easily create a vertical garden and increase your crop area.

ASBN - austrian strawbale network STAND E10

Straw Bale Building Consultance and Execution (, workshops and trainings (STEP - European Training,, research and development (building details, prefab), renewable materials, esp. everything out of straw bales.

ausgesägt und eingelegt STAND 236

Handmade Marquetery and Intarsia.

AXIOM - open source cinema camera STAND 241

AXIOM is the first ever professional free software and open hardware digital cinema camera. Plus SMT workshop to build your own wearable-electronics.

BADALA – Spaß für Kinder und alte Schachteln STAND K06

Promotes creativity and goes easy on the environment and your pocketbook: Stickers created by BADALA (derived from the Panjabi word for 'transform') can turn old cardboard boxes into eco-friendly toys and inspire kids’ imagination and creativity.

Balkony-Gardening (vertikal) STAND E75

In urban areas many people only have little outside surfaces at their disposal. You can easily create a vertical garden and increase your crop area.

bam bam - original bamboo shaker STAND E42

With an innovation on the market the company "bam bam" based in Salzburg, represents the world´s first cocktail-shaker made of bamboo. It succeeds trough an ingenious magnetic lock system, hightech coating, unique sound etc. - back to bamboo!

BarBender (Futurama) mix a drink for you STAND E79

The famous robot from the comic series Futurama does its imagejustice and mixes drinks in its own manner. With its 1.60 m it is highly visible- come by and try Bender's mixtures. Operated by an app.

Baue dir deine individuelle Lichtquelle STAND E96

Pre-built components enable interested people to construct their own individual light (standard lamp, wall lamp or ceiling lamp).

Blinkenrocket - der Stand STAND 207

The Blinkenrocket is AWESOME. Go check it out.

BOKU Prototyping STAND 204

At the booth, model pieces from the area of 3D printing / scanning as well as drones for scientific tasks will be presented.

Buch als Schmuck STAND E92

"Book as a gem". Earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, keyrings created under the concept of books; unique handmade designs with paper and leather. The perfect gift for booklovers!

Bücher-, Tablet-, E-Reader- und Handy-Halter (All-in-one) STAND E55

Book and Tablet Holder. Multi-purpose use in school, college, work and hobby - The ""Leon"" bookholder made from tough plastic (Polypropylen) gives you a free hand while reading, cooking, baking or playing music.

Buck_Wood STAND 118

We are graduates of the Htbla Hallstatt and try to use wood in every area of __our lifes. Some of our projects have been realized exclusively for us, others are for everyone. STAND E35

build-yours. It's the new platform for makers, DIYers, creators and all those who enjoy innovative products you can't get anywhere else. Our DIY-kits are easy to build together and enable you to customise them to your heart's content.

But first, let me take a selfie! STAND K05

You love taking snapshots of your life and want to learn more about how to use lighting, green rooms and more to make cool professional photographs? Come by at the DaVinciLab Photo Booth and capture your Maker Faire adventure on camera! The picture is directly printed on site - keep it and take it home!

cameo Laser Franz Hagemann GmbH STAND E80

Laser systems distributed by cameo Laser Franz Hagemann GmbH have been established in the maker scene for years. For every application we have high-quality lasers with the best value for money and a professional nationwide service.

CAPTOR Collective Awareness Platform for Tropospheric Ozone Pollution STAND 109

Ozone is damaging for health and environment. GLOBAL 2000 demonstrates DIY ozone measuring devices (named CAPTOR and RAPTOR) with Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Get building instructions, expert advice on calibration and become a CAPTOR offspring partner.

Caritas Wien reStart - Upcyclingwerkstatt für Jugendliche STAND 124

Caritas reStart is a project aimed at youth who are not in employment, education or training. It invites the participants to work in a creative environment in the field of Upcycling and Design.

City Games Vienna STAND E53

City Games Vienna is Austria’s first urban gaming studio. Apart from developing creative technology gaming boards, they are releasing their first game Wunderkammer Wien this summer: A scratch-off card game to discover monsters hidden in the city!

commonroom ceramic atelier & eventroom STAND E18

commonroom is a space to create, where we meet and learn from each other and share our passion for ceramics, arts and design. Our studio is a "creative hub", where people gather around creativity and share their know-how and sell their products.

Computerstudio der Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien STAND E47

A series of teaching aids, developed in the computer studio for teaching with breadboards, help students to avoid mistakes and have better progress. They are economical and easy to make and should be part of everyones fab lab.

Conrad STAND E37

Practice makes the maker! Conrad Electronic presents itself at the Maker Faire Vienna as a partner of all tekkies & makers. Experience exciting workshops on various topics live at our booth and let our team show you the latest trends in 3D printing and robotics. We look forward to seeing you!

ConstrAct STAND 202

ConstrAct sells the small aluminum profiles called MakerBeam. This great and easy to use system, supports constructions with innovative connection parts and other well designed equipment. It fits perfect to Robotic, IOT and Prototyping projects.

Create a Nice Song in 10min with dualo STAND 226

Our instrument allows people to play a cool track in under 15 minutes. We manage people to play it or they can try the IA tutorial to learn music as a video game.

Cute things and co. ~Schmuckgestaltung~ STAND E56

Jewelery made from glass beads, cabochons and fimo. Come over and find your favorite!

Cybershoes® STAND E40

Cybershoes® makes it possible to walk and run in VR. It is a virtual reality production lab focusing on the empowerment of movement in VR. Their product Cybershoes® has potential to become one of the leading VR locomotion platforms worldwide.

daisy chain oddities e.U. STAND E91

Home decor and jewelry for nerds of all flavours.

Das Druckerorakel STAND E24

The oracle uses Project Gutenberg ( as its database. Depending on how long you press the button it will generate a message after searching their open archive and print it on a receipt.

DaVinciLab STAND K03

The DaVinci Lab discovers and nurtures talents. It's all about experimenting, trying, designing, developing, testing and reflecting on new things. We are turning kids into critical designers of the digital world and awakening the" DaVinci Element "in every child.

Delta 3D-Drucker und XL 3D-Drucker STAND E27

This X-Large 3D printer distinguishes itself by its superior design and its functions. Many cool printed ideas like lamp shades, pen holders, art objects, teelights andother objects in beautiful colours.

Der Keramikbereich von Maker Austria stellt sich vor. STAND E65

Our makerspace now has its own ceramics area. Special highlight are the bonsai pots by Jens Lindworsky and Elisabeth Rodharth, a world-novelty.

DER STANDARD // Bau dir deine Welt aus Zeitungspapier STAND E83

Newspaper in the spotlight! Together with our media partner DER STANDARD we will get creative with newspapers and find out, what we can build with it - which is a lot!


der.kurtl. A pop-up container for rent for all possibilities. Whether presentation, concert, gastro, sports, trade fair and much more. der.kurtl will be your flexible and individual stage for your next big performance.

Die einzigartigen Erfindungen Leonardo da Vincis STAND 209

In his time Leonardo da Vinci invented machines which were far ahead of his time. Here you can find some of these invention recreated as models built from lasercut wood and see how they work.

Die Garagenbastler STAND E26

Inspiring projects out of various materials, that let you try and show that with enough motivation everything is possible.

Die Möbelei - Designe deine Möbel mit Kreidefarbe STAND E58

With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint you can easily revitalise old furniture without any preparation: No priming or sanding is needed. The paint can be used on indoors or outside, on quite every surface. It´s easy to apply with a wide range of colours.

DieStadtSpionin & Wundergarten Verlag STAND E14

DieStadtSpionin knows what's going on in Vienna. Every week, she provides over 45,000 newsletter subscribers with the best events in the city. She also wraps up her knowledge in books, such as Vienna's first “DIY guide” and “Musterbuch für Papier-Liebhaber” .

Digitale Neuentwürfe STAND E07

IoT Austria covers several aspects of the Internet of Things, the Next Generation Internet (NGI) and the Blockchaintechnology. For the makerfaire we want to show some practical use cases in and around the vivihouse: A housewallet, blockchain based metering, grid charging, a LoRaWAN- sensornet.

Digitale Strickmaschine - Veronika Persché STAND 218

Veronika will show insights of her work as a textile designer. Create your own knit pattern design and produce it on the knitting machine!

DIY meets Labor – Selbst gebaute Laborgeräte ausprobieren! STAND 120

In a fascinating experiment, adults and kids find out about the pH of apple juice and baking soda. Besides red cabbage juice, they get to use DIY lab equipment, built by Happylab, including a magnetic stirrer, a pH meter and a test tube rack.

DIY Siedler von Catan STAND 114

The Settlers of Catan are a very successful board game by Klaus Teuber. We show a DIY version produced with a laser cutter and model landscaping.

DIY Vakuum Tiefziehmaschine STAND E78

The vacuum deep drawing machine is a special treat for all makers. The area can be adapted to the size and it is also able to process thicker materials. Another featureis the self-made mount.

DIY Windkraftanlage STAND E06

Build your own wind turbine! Are you interested in creating a fully handmade and fully functional small wind turbine? We show you how it could look like and inform you about workshops, manuals and using possibilities.

Druck dir deine Welt im 3D-Druck DaVinciLab! STAND K04

Learn more about 3D-print, print and paint your own 3D product and participate in a crazy competition! You are creative and love games and challenges? See you at our booth.

E-Lab Graz STAND 224

We, the E-Lab Graz, a free laboratory for students want to introduce ourselves to the maker-world Arduino compatible boards & addons made in Croatia STAND E20 is hardware designer&manufacturer from Croatia, Europe. Come and check what we have made, hacked and written tutorials about.


An open hardware velo mobile for one or two persons, powered by bicycle or electric motor (>= 250 watts), top speed 50 km/h (licensing free). Full fairing, rain protection, sun roof, luggage space 0.5m2, length:2.40m, width: 1.20m, weight: 40kg For parking the E-Vee can be setup vertical using only a space of 1.20m by 0.60m

Eigenbau Gitarren by Philip Götz STAND E77

Create professional E-guitars yourself. If youseethe finishedguitar,youwould never believe that it is 100% self-made. We show you the manufacturing process and the finished guitars.

Erfindergarden - nerf gun marshmallow slingshot STAND E106

An open source lasercut marshmallow slingshot developed at erfindergarden


ERWHI is an open source small SLAM robot. It integrates some human interaction features and machine learning capabilities. The robot is able to create 3d maps and also detect some targets. Visit to learn more.

Espressomobil STAND H07

If you want to drink the best Coffee to go in Vienna, you cannot miss the Espressomobil. By now, 11 renovated Vespa-cars drive around town and provide coffee lovers with fine latte-art coffee in many different area or on events.

Eva Winter -Recycling Blüten STAND 244

Flowers and pictures from PET bottles

Exklusive Geschenke in MO.Design STAND E107

MO.BAGs out of transformed canvas / MO.FANs: individually painted / MO.PETs and MO.STARs in painted plastic foil MO.BOXes: indiviually painted wood boxes / MO.BOOKs: handmade books

Exoot - AMI 6 STAND H14

A Citroën AMI 6 from the 1960ies transforms into a seemingly living vehicle. It talks, dances, flirts and - watch out - it can get cheeky! Performance time Sat. & Sun. 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00.

FabLab Brno STAND H18

FabLab Brno has been opened in 2017 making it the first FabLab in Czechia. We would like to show you what is happening in Brno makers community. What projects are being developed and what are we planning to do in 2018.

Fablab Croatia STAND H16

Fablab Croatia is first and at this moment only official Fablab in Croatia and with three missions: education related called “Education (r)evolution”, “Give-a-Hand” local community oriented, and Do Local Go Global, enterpreneural related. STAND H19

FabLab Slovakia offers the general public an opportunity to discover modern technology of digital manufacturing, realize their projects and materialize their dreams. FabLab encourages and supports creativity, experimentation and innovation.

Fabman STAND 104

Managing a community workshop, a shared office space or a laboratory at school is a lot of work. Fabman simplifies all your day-to-day tasks, takes care of billing and payments and lets users book machines and rooms—so you can focus more on your community and growing your business.

Farmbot STAND E09

Farmbot++ is a ReDesign of the Open Hardware Project It produces food on site with optimal irrigation and care. As a variant for vertical farming with a green wall of Alchemia Nova one of its tasks is to identify pests early with machine learning.

FH Campus Wien STAND E90

Engineering at FH Campus Wien: Listen up, makers! FH Campus Wien is presenting project work and providing information about its degree programs: from electronics and computer science through mechanical engineering and robotics to hospital / medical technology and electromobility.

FH St. Pölten STAND 229

FH St. Pölten - the ideal university for all "makers". The dual degree program "Smart Engineering" turns students into experts for innovative products and smart production.

FH Technikum STAND E32

UAS Technikum Wien was founded in 1994 and in 2000 it became the first institution in Vienna to receive the status of a university of applied sciences. It became a member of the European University Association (EUA) in 2012 and is also a network partner of FEEI – Association of the Electrical and Electronics Industries.

Fingerfarbensound STAND E16

Digital modular synthesizer with motorized user interface. ESP32, Steppermotors, LEDs & DSP

Flipchart Zeichenroboter - Das Highlight für jeden Meetingraum STAND E72

The drawing robot draws live and continuously great pictures with incredible quality. The whole structure and steerage has been adapted and now offer even better results.

Flying Fish > E-Foil Board STAND 239

We will exhibit an "E-Foil Board", show at least 2 posters presenting the product in use. Most likely additional computer animation on the same subject.

fresh ideas STAND 112

We mill and laser with brain and heart. Raw materials from nature, some electronics and lots of creativity are the recipe for our objects. Look forward to it, we look forward to seeing you.

Gallery On Board STAND E17

Self-made, self-fished out amber of the stormy Baltic waves is the most beautiful. Natural and wild energy composite of found seashore resources like wood and bone, but also silver and rope. Every item is unique.


Its a really good game.

Grüne Kosmetik STAND 128

We make our cosmetics from natural products and everybody can do it themselves.

Grüne Kosmetik - Skin-food für Jung& Alt STAND 127

Green Cosmetics is a 100% natural care based on food and medical plants coming from kitchen and garden. Self-made care products do not only help being healthy and self-determined but also to protect the environment.

Hand.Werk.Stadt Mödling STAND 237

Hand.Werk.Stadt is an open workshop dedicated to hobby makers, artisanry and knowledge transfer of crafts.

Hands-on Raspberry Pi Workshop STAND E51

Raspberry Pi, a single core computer. We will explain you what it is and how it works. You can join our workshops and take your projects home.

Happy Beans STAND E64

Maker Austria will present many projects of some of their members and show you what possibilities a Maker Space has to offer. Robots, 3D printing, laser cutting, home-made musical instruments, various electronic projects, Frankfurter-Getling, Arduino and Raspi projects and much more.

Happylab – Österreichs größte Maker Community STAND 101

Become a member of Austria's biggest maker community and realize your projects with Laser Cutters, CNC milling machines & co. in our makerspaces in Vienna, Salzburg and Berlin. In our free training courses we show you how it's done - no previous knowledge required!

Hedgehog - Educational Robotics Controller STAND 217

Hedgehog is for anyone who wants to explore robotics, no matter their age or expertise. With visual programming or Python you can immediately control your first robot.

Hello Fresh STAND 203

HelloFresh is an e-commerce company in the field Online food. Our concept is an all-inclusive package that the Consumers want to seduce not only to cook for themselves, but you also a completely new awareness of a healthy and enjoyable diet taught. The customer can choose from 9 different dishes, each one Change week, select at least 3 dishes and his cooking box individually put together.

Herz STAND 201

When it comes to high quality filament for your 3 D printer you are exactly right with us! Because the filament is just as important as the 3 D printer itself. The desired printing results can only succeed in using the best filament in the 3D printer.

HTL Wien 10 STAND 222

Students of HTL Wien 10 present current projects and diploma projects.

HWS Props STAND 238

Creation of props and cosplays in the Hand.Werk.Stadt

HY-Kitchen STAND H02

Monica Kranner, a qualified nutritionist, and the HY-Kitchen team belong to the domestic pioneers of street food. Their handmade burger specialties are always freshly prepared. Their credo is "No compromises are made on ingredients" STAND E84

Im-Pro stands for Impossible Prototyping! The following projects are on display: IoT Smart Switch, IoT Word Clock, Voyage 200 Mod, CNC Mill and much more. There will also be a sale of personally customizable goods.

Ina Auderieth STAND E34

crafted jewelry, shirts, posters, postcards and psychadelic art, Tarot cards, printed bags

Industrie 4.0 Cocktailroboter STAND 230

A cocktail robot, developed by students of the Smart Engineering degree course UAS St. Pölten. The Robot provides an example of individualized production. The customers order their cocktail via a specially programmed smartphone application.

Inspiring models - digital fabrication STAND 248

Wooden fidget spinners, robotic arm, laser cut lamps, embroidered jewelry, laser cut jewelry

Joanna Komorowska design STAND E22

Joanna Komorowska design is jewellery and decorations for interiors. Most of motives come from nature (shapes of animals, leaves), but also you can find some geometric abstractions. Main materials are metals (brass, alpaca silver, copper) and concerete, sometimes contrasted with natural lichens or plants

JukeBag STAND 215

The JukeBag is a speaker, which you can wear like a backpack. You can play some music and plug in microphones for beatboxing, singing or screaming around.

Kairoz STAND 111

The project Kairoz is driven by the motivation to give simple materials a new quality of light. Plywood panels are used to create lamps inspired by organic forms from nature - designed and handcrafted in Salzburg. STAND 115

From the surface to the shape. Simple wood-rings are cut with the lasercutter and can be glued to an infinite number of possibilities for eye-catching shells. Although the items are always the same, the finished project is always a single piece.

Kiddo STAND E87

Kiddo is an online platform, where private individuals buy and sell goods they don't need anymore and where we do all the delivery. At Maker Faire we want to present our prototype and emphasize the importance of sustainable e-commerce solutions.

Kimbodogs STAND H11

Kimbodogs was founded in 2015 and has been selling Gourmet Hot Dogs from its mobile stand ever since. However, the hot dogs are anything but conventional. Just like their motto: "We want to offer our consumers something they have never seen or eaten before.”

Kitty in a box STAND E89

Kitty in a box is a website where you can get components, kits and so forth. On our booth you can explore / try out the various kits and projects and see how the kits can be modified.

Kreaterie STAND 242

At Kreaterie, design meets craft inspired by fashion and trends. Here you will find jewelery made of different materials such as acrylic, knit or wood. The Kreaterie also offers DIY workshops on seasonal topics.

Kronen Zeitung STAND E12

Visit us at the "Krone"-booth and get the chance to win a VW Golf Rabbit. We will also create hats, boats etc. out of newspaper.

Künstler? Mach dir ein Schleuderbild STAND E70

The canvas moves, you choose the colour - let's start!

LaCu-Design STAND E66

Art and Design out of the Laser Cutter. From lamps to tags and other beautiful things, that come out of the Laser Cutter...

Laser – schneiden und gravieren, so geht´s STAND E73

With the Laser a lot of stuff can be cut and engraved. We showyou how you can get your picture/logo on a glass. Of course you can take your engraved glass back home.

Learn to solder SMD: Open-Source Badge STAND E21

You tried soldering, but have you ever tried to solder SMD parts? They are so tiny! At this workshop, learn how it is done professionally and make your own Open-Source Badge!

Leila Wien - Bibliothek der Dinge STAND E88

Leila Wien is a Library of Things established 2014 in Vienna. We enable people to collaboratively use tools, tents and other things you don’t need that often. Why? To save money, make room and protect our environment.

Lighty - world's first robotic laser projector STAND E61

Lighty is world's meanest entertainment robot. It tracks your hand to position 720p laser imagery anywhere around you, via WiFi. It features sureally good sound for its size. It's made from mahogany wood and aluminum and fits in your jacket.

Lixie - LED/LaserCutted & Engraved Uhr STAND E68

A very special clock - the LED alternative to the Nixie. Stylish, cool, beautiful and extra-ordinary!

lookback radio project STAND 232

A radio built in 1939 has been completely restored and equipped with the latest technical components. Now in 2018, a touchscreen works inside and an app is used to stream the latest songs from Spotify® and Co.

Love wood experience nature STAND 216

Earrings, interior decoration (e.g. wall decoration) made out of wood

Made by Mystery STAND E29

Made by Mystery began in 2016. It’s a creative effects pedal company that collaborates with local & global artists for the design of each pedal. Every pedal is a unique functional sonic art piece not similar to any other mass-produced effects pedal.

Make Magazin STAND E38

Meet the editorial team of Make: At Maker Faire Vienna you can meet the people behind the magazine. The Make: magazine publishes building instructions for cool projects that both, amateurs and advanced makers are able to relate to.

Make your T-Shirt STAND E74

Creating an individual item isn't difficult. With a drawing program and the vinyl cutter you can easily create beautiful t-shirts. We show you how it's done.

Make-O-Matic STAND E25

You want to easily share the development process of your creations and inventions with other people? Make-O-Matic gives a voice to your tools and automates the documentation in workshops around the world.

Maker Austria - größter Maker Space (offene Werkstätte) mitten in Wien STAND E63

Maker Austria will present many projects of some of their members and show you what possibilities a Maker Space has to offer. Robots, 3D printing, laser cutting, home-made musical instruments, various electronic projects, Frankfurter-Getling, Arduino and Raspi projects and much more.

Maker Robotics & Garage Lab Belgrade STAND H17

A newly established association of young makers gathered in the new Garage Lab Belgrade makerspace. Our young members (8 to 20 yrs old) have a very considerable experience in the maker universe and will surprise you with their projects.

MAKERbuino - a DIY game console STAND E11

MAKERbuino is: a game console / DIY - do it yourself / educational / fun / 8-bit / portable / cool / open-source / Arduino powered / customizable


Makerbus is special bus converted to a mobile makerspace equipped with sound system, stage, projection and small coffee area. Makerbus is great place to experience various workshops or just to chillout, have a rest and observe the others work.

Making Useful Stuff (Open Lab, Newcastle University) STAND 219

Our research explores how a public portable makerspace can assist people to invent their own 'useful stuff'. Take part: Create your own sensor, leave a message in our digital Makers Guest Book and help us making the Maker Movement more inclusive!


The Generalist among Austrian makers shows a variety of his latest projects, revolving around electronics , 3D printing and modelmaking.

Mechanische Exoskelette - Ironman für Jedermann. STAND 113

Exoskeletons for fighting occupational diseases in industry and logistics. Exomys - Augmented Humanity develops passive and modular exoskeletons to support employees during exhausting and unhealthy work.

Merkurboard STAND 253

Experience with Arduino? The Merkurboard is an Arduino like wireless Open-Source board. It is easy to build your own Internet-connected projects.

Metalab STAND 206

Metalab which was founded in 2006 is a hackerspace located in Vienna. You can find us at Rathausstraße 6 where we offer space for your hard- and software projects.

Micro Welten STAND 213

Thomas model making store Fine models out of the Laser Cutter

MicroGreen STAND E08

The garden as an oasis of relaxation. The goal of MicroGreen is a system, that invigorates the fun of the garden within a digital community. Sensors and actuators are connected to a Raspberry 3 and an open source smart home platform The garden area can be integrated into a home automation.

Millie The Vintage Caravan STAND H05

RITA BRINGT's is Vienna's first cargo bike delivery service for vegetarian lunchs with 100% organic ingredients. Everyday they cook fresh and diverse organic vegetarian and vegan meals, predominantly from regional and seasonal products.

Mundoku STAND E43

mundoku is all about creating things to make your daily life a bit more cheerful: unique handmade jewellery, wearable art and art on hang up on your wall.

MUSCA design STAND E31

Musca combines two design and production approaches – digital and manual. The end products are design objects characterized with geometry shaped using computational design softwares, produced with computer numerical control machine and assembled manually.

Myphotonics STAND E39

We show how to realize experiments on optics and photonics at home with construction sets e.g. LEGO®. In addition to a Michelson interferometer which can be used to measure shortest distance, we are presenting a laser labyrinth which invites to play.

mything STAND E95 is the first online platform that makes digital fabrication easily accessible to end customers. 3D designed and laser cut products by international designers are easily ordered online and produced by professionals near to the customer.

Nerdy Derby // powered by Happylab STAND 108

Welcome at the Nerdy Derby - the car racing event for all nerds and people who want to become one. Build your own racing car in a few steps and compete agaist the others. We created the more than 5 m long racetrack with the CNC milling machine at Happylab Vienna!

Neues aus dem Interactive Design Lab STAND 103

Interactive Design Lab presents a variety of unique projects, such as the optical illusion of dancing liquid metal, a crossover of a Victorian era photographic process with contemporary digital photography, and more.

Nordbahnhalle STAND E36

Nordbahnhalle - an old storehouse remodelled and turned into a Community-Workspaces aka Co-Making, Co-Working, and venue + accompanied by Makers

öKlo GmbH STAND H13

Our mobile toilettes are the first really mobile, sustainable alternative on the market which is acceptable - they're made out of wood, they don't smell & need no chemicals nor water!

Open Geoboard - Play to Know STAND E100

Open Geoboard is a wooden educational platform for exploring and learning math in 2D and 3D. Loved by educators and kids 3-99. It’s Open Design, offers blueprints for DIY and Fab Lab fabrication. Now on Play to Know!

OpenClosedVelomobile v.0.3.1 STAND 121

This is my take on sustainable transport. I am open for discussions and exchange of ideas. Crowdfunding campaign starts with the Maker Faire Vienna.


A Makerspace & Fablab on the country side. Projects: Repair Cafe‘, Pegasus Trimaran, Velomobil, Plant-Pyramid, Farmbot++,Think Camp Smart Country,Under construction: Personal Food Computer, Food Server, Vertical Farming, Internet of Plants,Solar-LoRaWAN, Blockchain Devices.

OpenMaker - a success story STAND 212

OpenMaker is an international project funded by Horizon 2020. The booth will present outcomes of the project together with TOP 5 Slovak projects linking manufacturers and makers.

Otelo STAND 246


Personal Robotics STAND 116

Personal Robotics combines already established open source solutions to develop humanoid robots that anyone can afford.

Physikmobil - ein Fahrrad voller verblüffender Experimente STAND E102

We use workaday tools and materials like plastic bottles, disposable syringes, a cordless screwdriver or a barbecue grid to present surprising physical phenomena that can be tried right away.

Pixel-me STAND E45

My project combines a LED-grid behind a two-way-mirror to create and display pixel art. Depending on the light conditions you either profit from a regular mirror or you can use an app to create your own pixel art for your home.

PixelVR STAND 233

The Digitech Research Group of UAS St.Pölten partnered with Bene, to develop the showroom of the future. This showroom uses virtual reality (VR) technology to allow the users to interact in new ways with the "Pixel" product line."

Pizza Mobile STAND H06

Pizza Mobile goes with the trend to Street Food and complements it with a very edgy design-component. With our truck we succeeded to merge the trendy vintage-look, high-end equipment and Italian gusto. The heart of the truck is our original brick-built pizza oven, of course made in Austria.

PolaPi, the DIY Instant Camera STAND 105

It's an Instant Camera that prints the pictures on thermal paper.


Polyus is an Omnidirectional parametric speaker with the ability of creating multiple artificial sound sources at precise points in space. Listeners get the impression of entering a virtual sonic environment.

Pop-Up Happylab STAND 102

In our Pop-Up Happylab we show you, which ideas you can bring to life with digital fabrication tools in a makerspace. Members from the Happylab community present their impressive projects. Get your free membership at our booth!

Precious Plastic Vienna STAND E93

We want to show that plastic is a precious material, too precious to throw it away after a one-time use! That is why we built our own machines to recycle plastic on a small, local scale.

Prejudice - Interaktive Installation STAND 231

Everyone can wear the interactive west and create tones with it. The tones will be supported by reactive LED’s. An analog spring reverb will give you a special experience.

Prusa3D STAND 117

Presenting Original Prusa i3 MK2s printer, new model Original Prusa i3 MK3 with more features and Multi Material upgrade for MK2s printer.

Python and Electronics (Slovak Python User Group ) STAND 250

Slovak Python User Group (SPy, o.z.) organizes regular hardware workshops with the NodeMCU and micro:bit development boards. We will show the possibilities of Python and electronics in DIY weekend projects and also in formal education.

Q-Box Wohnmodule STAND E04

The Q-Box is a fully adequate mobile house with small dimensions but maximally and creatively used interior, visually appealing through its contemporary design, energy-efficient and sustainable thanks to the use of biologically valuable materials.

RasKeytar STAND 109

RasKeytar is a music-instrument based on a raspberry pi to be used LIVE or with friends for jamming. It is a mixture of a KEYboard and a guiTAR to be put on and go on rocking!

RASPBOTICS - creative coding STAND E15

Learning a programming language for children in an easy way. Having fun by creating games using joystick, buttons, leds and many sensors.

Raumpioniere - Crowdfunding, Crowdsourcing & Crowdengaging für urbane Nachbarschaftsprojekte STAND 255

Raumpioniere is a Crowdfunding plattform for urban neighbourhood projects. Donations in kind, working hours and know how can be additionally contributed to a Crowdfunding campaign.

RC-Carbonstore STAND E62

You are looking for carbonfiber in different colores, aluminium or a manufacturer for your own parts? RC-Carbonstore sells precision carbon/aluminium plates, tubes, rods and produces YOUR parts on our own cnc-machines by 2D/3D drawing Just take a look at our all-new Webshop

realraum STAND 247

We are the makerspace and hackerspace in the center of Graz. The DIY-Biolab in the heart of Austria. Our community has set up an electronics, chemistry and bio-lab, tools shack, workareay and cushy social couch and will happily welcome new creatives.

recycling-art STAND 126

Re- and Upcycling-Jewellery

Recycling-Kosmos STAND E97

The association Recycling Kosmos presents itself. Meet us at our booth and get information about topics like Upcycling, Reuse and about our material storage "Material-Koje". We're looking forward to meet you!

Reparaturnetzwerk Wien STAND E85

Repair services with quality: Experienced specialists in the Repair Network Vienna repair almost everything.

Retro Arcade Box STAND E71

All games out of the 80ies and 90ies by Nintendo, Genesis, Super Nintendo, Mame and Stararce in an Arcade-Box. The highlight for all gamers. Play your game!

Rita bringt's STAND H04

RITA BRINGT's is Vienna's first cargo bike delivery service for vegetarian lunchs with 100% organic ingredients. Everyday they cook fresh and diverse organic vegetarian and vegan meals, predominantly from regional and seasonal products.

Robo Wunderkind STAND K01

Robo Wunderkind is a colorful modular robot, even a 5-year old kid can easily build and code. We invite big and little makers to join our interactive playground and have fun with our robots. Build, play, code and explore – Robo makes it childish easy!

RoboManiac – Spielerisch gerüstet für die Zukunft STAND K02

Elements from science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are comprehensively applied in our STEM robotic camps using different educational robots. Problem solving, creativity and logical thinking are trained.

Roboterhand mit Muskelimpuls-Steuerung STAND E67

Here you can operate a robotic hand with your own muscles. For the signal recognition real sensors of prosthesis development are being used.

Robotika.SK activities STAND 251

We will show the robots for the Istrobot robotics competition and the latest results of our experiments.

Robots, rovers and quilling projects STAND E81

We built our 3D printer 4 years ago and with that we started building robots, rovers and quilling accessories.

roomolution STAND E86

roomolution revolutionizes interiors by designing smart interior solutions for men (i.d.) and cats (p.u.r.r.) and by turning old Viennese doors into exclusive design furniture (u.p.).

Ruhrsource STAND E13

RUHRSOURCE develops 3D printing software that makes 3D printing as easy as printing on a white sheet of paper. At our booth we will present CUR3D, the first real 3D pre-press stage. The Gutenberg revolution for 3D printing.

Sazon Food Events STAND H10

With a successful combination of Latin American creativity and European professionalism, the sympathic SAZÓN-Food Truck, with its delicious Arepas(LatinBuger), crispy Empanadas and sweet Churros, is not just a culinary delicacy, also the colorful Oltimer is a real eye.catcher with a WOW-Effect.

Schiele goes 3D - vom Porträt zur Skulptur STAND E82

Lucretia Schmidt makes sculptural representations of famous paintings. Using modern moulding and casting methods as well as traditional painting techniques, she creates three dimensional Miniatures in limited editions.

ScoobaFish Recycling Art STAND E101

Scoobafish is a sustainable project for the recycling of junk in our environment. I gather these objects to put back life into them by transforming them into Wall Sculptures and 3D Paintings in the shape of Animals ready to be hunged up on the wall.

Section of Applied Physics and Electronics - Kragujevac STAND 223

Section of applied physics and electronics Kragujevac brings you Eggbot(Robot that draws pictures of eggs), The Robot who plays games, Air drums, 3D scanner, Robot that follows object, and this is only part of what is awaits you! See you soon!

Selbstbau von Funkgeräten, Antennen und Zubehör STAND E60

We build our own radios and put them into operation legally. We provide necessary knowledge on how to use the devices and prepare for the state exam of worldwide radio operations. We’ll show you how to make radio devices fun.

Self Observation & Inneraction - Zwei Virtual Reality Installationen basierend auf Biofeedbackdaten STAND 234

Self Observation and Inneraction are two virtual reality installations based on users’ biofeedback data (heart rhythm, muscle activity, respiratory rhythm etc.). The installations enable individuals to observe and experience their own physiological processes in real-time.

Sertronics GmbH STAND 228

The Sertronics Onlineshop provides more than 500 products around Raspberry Pi and is authorized distributor for Raspberry Pi Zero. Starterkits, keyboards, ePaper…we have a variety of goods and offer qualified advise.

Siebdruck mit dem Lasercutter STAND E98

Screenprinting is a great way to print on fabric, paper, cardboard or plywood. The Lasercutter is a great tool to cut stencils for printing.

SimyLife Gamification GmbH STAND E41

SimyLife contributes a playful note to healthcare and prevention. The SimyBall, a coaching app – and the corresponding gaming apps – SimyGames – were designed under the aspect of playing fun games to enhance your performance.

Skonk Worx STAND 221

Skonk Worx is a Makerlab that offers the customer more than just the usual machinery. The equipment will be organically adapted to the needs of the maker. At Makerfaire we want to present our offer for the first time.

Sophie Soufflé STAND E23

Sophie Soufflé has been making jewelery and decorative pieces from recycled materials for several years. For example, old vinyl records, stamps, light bulbs, typewriters and bottle caps are lovingly brought back to life by hand.

sous-bois STAND E99

Located in the 7th district, sous-bois sells selective stationery items and a selection of art books. For 2 years we have also been providing calligraphy and bookbinding Workshops. We enjoy sharing our passion for colors, beautiful paper and design.

spielend-programmieren STAND 245

programming courses for children and adults, all based on free/libre open source software. Create and publish your own computer games.

Super Wood Entertainment STAND 107

Unusual things made out of wood and electronics! Handmade unique pieces, small series and commissioned work for entertainment or as a gift! As a special highlight, you can play retro console games on our stand with our wooden gamepads!

SYNTHIA - Movie Animatronics Project by Poly<->Props STAND 214

SYNTHIA is a soon to be released open source animatronic framework created by Poly<->Props, a joint venture between Philipp Erkinger and Christoph Dafert. Originally presented at Maker Faire Vienna 2017, its coming now in its latest iteration.

Systems to help disabled people with disabilities based on biofeedback STAND 252

We are trying to build solutions based on biofeedback on brain activities as a tool for helping disabled people.

tag.werk STAND E44

tag.werk is an employment project by Caritas. The project offers employment contracts on a daily basis for up to ten adolescents between the age of 15 and 25.

Tamer Aslan Creative Technology STAND E52

Tamer Aslan is an artist and creative technologist who works with electronics and light. During Maker Faire, he will offer workshops to build Light Trees, wooden cut trees embedded with LEDs and an Arduino that shine in various colourful patterns.

The Future of Building - Wenn Maker Häuser bauen STAND E01

Under the banner “The Future of Building – Makers building houses” Maker Faire Vienna 2018 is focusing on the impact of the maker movement on the way we are going to build and live in the future.

the shirt STAND 110

The shirt is a modular system of clothing. It consist of a base shirt, which consists of 4 replaceable parts itself, and various additional elements. The shirt parts and elements are designed by artists belonging to "the shirt coop".

Train Operation Center STAND 205

During Chaos Communication Camp 2015 at Ziegeleipark Mildenberg (Germany) the original field train was decorated and a ball pit and cocktail bar were installed. We built a 1:11 scale model of this train which we brought to the Maker Faire.

Transitory Yarn STAND E48

Transitory Yarn is a material and production process designed for knitting technology. By unravelling and reknitting garments over and over, visitors enable the resource to fulfill multiple purposes throughout its lifecycle.

Trotec STAND E105

Trotec is the world leader in laser technology and is setting new standards. As part of the Trodat-Trotec company group, the European innovation leader develops, produces and markets laser system solutions and laser devices for inscription, cutting and engraving a wide range of materials.

TU Wien Space Team STAND 256

The TU Wien Space Team is a student led group with emphasis on aerospace engineering. Our main focus lies on the design of experimental rockets, rocket engines, mini satellites and much much more.

Umelohmotne STAND E94

Umelohmotne from Slovakia is inspired by worldwide Precious Plastic movement. Our homemade machines change plastic waste to usable and nice new objects. We can make bowl, wall clock or bow tie from old flower pot, bucket or bottle caps.

Uncommon Grounds - board game STAND 243

Uncommon Grounds is a cooperative board game featuring an app and revolves around speciesism and diplomacy.

Underground-Maker STAND 240

Underground Makers present themselves. An overview of our projects realized in our handicraft basement. LORA - a transmission path for APRS - automatic cocktail mixer - shell out of XPS 300 insulating material for my Not-Funk backpack - beer case kart - FPV - racecopters

United Creations - vienna.transitionBASE - greenskills - baus! STAND E05

United Creations is a Civil Society Association founded in 2011. Our themes are participation, sustainability, permaculture and much more.

Upcycling von defekten Konsolen STAND 106

Broken consoles will be brought back to life, by adding a Raspberry and making it a powerful gaming station


VACA CARE is not your usual moisturiser. VACA CARE is a skin care line for those who spend their days out and about - wandering the earth, sailing the seas or running the trails. VACA CARE is clean&smart - 100% natural and vegan.

Vectric STAND E59

Vectric Ltd creates software designed to make cutting parts on a CNC machine an enjoyable and productive experience, the combination of power and simplicity lets you efficiently generate or manage your design, then quickly create precise toolpaths to drive your CNC machine.

Vernetzung von 3D Druckern - Privat und in Schulen/Uni STAND E57

You may have one or more 3D printers at home, and each printer may also have their own software to generate the 3D printing language code. I show how it works with only one platform.

VikiBuNNy und Farbfeder STAND 122

VikiBuNNy is a manga artist. Her motives are colorful and cute. She will provide acrylic charms, prints and original artwork. Federfarbe makes her own illustrative creations and miniatures from wood, acrylic, glass and plastic.

Vintage Upcycling by ANA chron. STAND 211

ANA chron. crafts fashionable accessories from dusty, old bookcovers and other vintage items.

vivihouse - eine mehrgeschoßige und ökologische Selbstbauweise STAND E02

Vivihouse is an open and ecological do-it-yourself construction system with which up to 6-storey buildings can be erected at low cost. The modular and transportable Vivihouse gets introduced for the first time and welcomes joint developments. STAND 125

WasteLess is helping you to change to zero waste lifestyle. WasteLess is selling e.g. produce bags up-cycled old curtains and shopping bags made of left over fabrics. Our aim is to help people to live a simpler lifestyle without single-use-plastics.

Werksalon Co-Making Space STAND E28

Open Wood Shop and Co-Making Space for Carpenters, woodworkers, craftspeople, designers and artists in Vienna.

Wetouch Innovation Labs – Augmented Reality Gaming STAND 254

Wetouch creates unique user experiences using new technology. Applying augmented reality technology, prepare to get beamed into a live computer game. Be a game hero and share your very personal video.

Wiener Atelier * Recycling Schmuck & Accessoire STAND E33

Creative jewelry & accessories, all are unique, made with great attention to detail by hand. Traditional processing in modern form. It fits perfectly with the elegant or weekly wear and urban style.

With robots to the future STAND E54

In recent years we have experienced an incredible explosion of the so-called "Smart Devices". Self-driving cars, AI personal assistants, life-like robots and even smart toasters - intelligent robots may be closer than you think.

Wooden aquarium STAND 249

Wooden aquarium is a project of low cost furniture. Production costs of whole aquarium are less than 5 euros and thus is available for many people. It is designed in Corel Draw and cut it on our laser.

Wunderwuzzi Roboter STAND E104

The Wunderwuzzi robots offer children a fun introduction to the fascinating world of robotics.

xDroid STAND H12

Wir definieren ferngesteuerte Autos neu und bereichern die User experience, indem wir den Spaß am Videospiel in die echte Welt übertragen und damit geselliger machen.


Project YIRCO.ME follows an idea of a product platform which allows customers to modify, extend and maintain household/office equipment, furniture and tools by parts which can be 3D printed at home.

Zoltar Fortune Teller Machine STAND 119

Ein auf einem alten Jahrmarkts-Wahrsageautomaten aufgebauter Roboter, gebaut mit LEGO Mindstorms.