Meet the Makers

(Make) Room for Shroom STAND E08

On our booth, we will demonstrate live a hands-on approach for creating and crafting with biological materials using 3D-printing, biopolymers, and fungi. We will discuss the applications varying from wearables to DIY beehive enclosures.

Centennial washing machine STAND E63

Our goal is to build a working, resource efficient washing machine with competitive washing performance that can be used for 100 years or be repaired for at least that long.

2g8er- Bags Made of Woodleather STAND E07

In the heart of the industrial quarter of lower Austria, we produce handbags and other leather goods made of woodleather. A material that is obtained from wood but has largely the same properties as real leather.

3D printed art STAND 226

Even 3D-printers grow up layer by layer. At our stall we're presenting our 3D-printer construction workshop, where every participant is going to build his own 3D-printer from scratch.

3D mal mehr wissen! Austrian Association for 3D Printing STAND 225

The oeg3D is a non profit organisation with the aim to spread 3D printing in Austria. We are organising hands-on workshops with schools or private groups. At our booth you will see various 3D printed objects and 3D-printers.

3D Printed Living Creature STAND 228

Come and join us during the process of creating a giant 3D printed living creature. We will all work together and use the knowledge of the whole maker-community to achieve this goal. Everybody is welcome! (An oeg3D project)

3D Chocoprinter STAND E11

3D chocoprinter - A new trend in the world of company events and private parties, original gifts and promotional items; brand market support and fragrant, tasty and amusing experience.

3Dee STAND E35

3Dee Store provides a full service for all aspects of 3D printing in both private and professional sectors. From the sale of cost-effective 3D-printers, to finished prototypes as 3D-printing service.

4Viva Blackbox: Save phone, save life! STAND 222

Holder for any phone and GoPro, 2in1 holder. Never lose phone on motorcycle, bike or car. Also for home/ office. Holder will reduce traffic accidents instead of texting while driving phone can be used as dashcam/GPS. Don't lose your phone or life, yolo!

< - Poly - Props - > Animatronics, Movie Props and Costume Parts STAND E78

Animatronics, movie props and costume parts, built using traditional techniques, rapid prototyping and open source technology.

A Speedy Potato STAND H03

A Speedy Potato sells Belgian style organic french fries, cut on-site with a selection of different sauces. Deep-fried and very crispy, they are the perfect snack for you!

Abacus Theater - Timecruiser STAND H11

The Timecruisers are giant, strolling time machines. They are operated by time travelers, who see the ages pass by in a height of three metres. Technology from the past and the future is combined in these mobile pieces of art. Performance times Sat. & Sun. 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00.

AGNICOLI - Through Knowledge To Freedom NPO - Systems to Help Disabled People Based on Biofeedback STAND 219

We are trying to build solutions based on biofeedback of brain activities as a tool for helping disabled people.


We are a foundation and organisation of and for artists in any category.

Alpengummi - The First Natural Chewing Gum of the Alps STAND E28

Have you ever thought about what is in chewing gums? And what impact they have on health and the environment? The startup "Alpengummi" has developed an alternative to petroleum-based chewing gums, which consists of 100% renewable raw materials.

Amalettomat STAND 208

Automatic Crêpe Machine!

Amethyst AUV Platform STAND E18

Amethyst is an advanced 3D-printed, modular platform for underwater robotic development, learning and easy access exploration.

ANA chron. Vintage Design STAND 112

ANA chron. upcycles vintage book covers into folders, diaries and purses. Each item is unique and handmade in Vienna.

Anne Hermine - Recycling & Upcycling STAND 242

Anne Hermine - Recycling & Upcycling is a young label based in Vienna, Austria. We give a second life to used plastic bags and coffee packaging. They become sustainable bags and backpacks in different shapes and sizes.

apertus° AXIOM Open Source Cinema Camera STAND 229

Open Technology for professional film production

Arduino Quadrobot, Carbon Ukulele, Rotating Wooden Table STAND 254

The team of Creative Point prepared demonstrations of projects from the Fablab in Bratislava. Projects are combinations of digital prototyping, programming and handicraft.

AsTeRICS Foundation for Open Source Assistive Technologies STAND E31

The AsTeRICS Foundation develops affordable hardware and software for people with disabilities, for example mouth-controllers, eye-tracking, augmentative and alternative communication or environmental control systems.

BADALA – Fun for Kids and Used Boxes STAND K06

Stickers by 'BADALA' (derived from the Panjabi word for 'transform') turns cardboard boxes into inexpensive, eco-friendly toys with educational value, that inspire children’s imagination, creativity and intelligence.

bAm STAND 223

Cuto is a small and handmade robot. It is between art and technology, between craft and science. His artificial intelligence enables to recognize digital activity and communication with humans. His goal is to make People happy!

Birdly - Graffiti Jewelry STAND 232

Jewelry made out of graffiti walls. Over the years many layers of paint have been sprayed on top of each other at the danube channel in Vienna. They form an urban slate that keeps "growing". Out of this layers of paint Birdly makes jewelry.

Blinkenrocket! Learn to Solder. STAND 213

The Blinkenrocket is a DIY soldering kit to learn the art of soldering. It features an 8x8 Ledmatrix that is programmable via audio.

Bluetooth Made Easy for Your Projects STAND E80

Supporting the talk with the same name, the booth shows the platform, together with products built around it. Visitors can touch, try and experiment with the devices exposed. For those interested to implement, starter kits are available. STAND E19

build-yours is the new platform for individualisation. You will get what you want including all extras.

CFRP - Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer, Airplane by LUKA2 STAND 221

I will present model airplanes made of different materials such as; wood, plastic and CFRP carbon fiber. I will show 3D-printers and what can be done with it, how to make balsa plane and how to work with Carbon fiber and Kevlar to make airplanes.

Chaos Computer Club Wien (C3W) STAND 231

The Chaos Computer Club not only does critical technological assessment but also creative and playful work with modelling, electronics, making and video games. Technological exploration, teaching and learning are key parts of their work.

Chargie STAND 245

A USB stick that doubles your phone's battery life.

Charity Akuma Jewellery STAND 215

My Jewellery is handmade in gold, silver, precious stones and many other materials. The pieces are made for those looking for something unique just like themselves.

Chronobioscope - A DIY microscope STAND E10

Do you wish you could bring all the excitement, curiosity and exploration of a real lab microscope to your home? Do you want to compress lengthy biological processes into seconds? Now you can with our DIY Raspberry Pi powered Chronobioscope!

Circuit Accessories STAND E76

E-waste that makes you happy. Upcycling jewellery made out of circuit boards and 925 silver with high workmanship. Unique pieces with a individual history and message.

City Games Vienna STAND E14

Discover Vienna playfully with friends and family. Wunderkammer Wien: Scratch-off Monster Hunt cards, to free the Viennese from grumpiness. Im Untergrund Augmented Reality: Use your private investigation app, reveal the mysterious crime organisation

ClockClock24 Replica STAND 108

24 analog clocks merge in a playful way to form one digital time display. Come by and learn more about the reverse engineering of this project!

CNC for Everyone STAND E49

Polymer concrete and granite as solutions for a cheap hobby CNC machine.

CoderDojo: Make your own [game]! STAND K02

Have you ever wondered how hard is to make your own game? In this all day hop-on hop-off workshop from CoderDojo Wien, you'll learn exactly how to make your own video game and much more. Dive into the world of programming and spread your genius!

Computerstudio of the University of Applied Arts Vienna STAND E64

Mechanical calculator or marble run? The revised replica of John Godfrey's DIGI-COMP II from the 60s is both. Give it a try and test your knowledge of binary logic.

Conrad STAND E33

Practice makes the maker! Conrad Electronic presents itself at the Maker Faire Vienna as a partner of all tekkies & makers. Experience exciting workshops on various topics live at our booth and let our team show you the latest trends in 3D printing and robotics. We look forward to seeing you!

ConstrAct: Aluminum Profiles + Accessories for Makers. STAND 202

Aluminum profiles + accessories for makers, Cutting, 3D-printing, CNC-milling. MakerBeam and item-compatible profiles with free cutting service. Standard accessories and special designs as required.

The Printing Oracle STAND E87

The oracle uses Project Gutenberg ( as its database. Depending on how long you press the button it will generate a message after searching their open archive and print it on a receipt.

DaVinciLab STAND K03

The DaVinci Lab discovers and nurtures talents. It's all about experimenting, trying, designing, developing, testing and reflecting on new things. We are turning kids into critical designers of the digital world and awakening the" DaVinci Element "in every child.

DER STANDARD // Building Sculptures out of Newspaper STAND E44

Newspaper in the spotlight! Together with our media partner DER STANDARD we will get creative with newspapers and find out, what we can build with it - which is a lot!

The Fascinating Inventions of Leonardo da Vinci STAND 210

In his time Leonardo da Vinci invented machines which were far ahead of his time. Here you can find some of these invention recreated as models built from lasercut wood and see how they work.

The Garage Workshop STAND 115

Robots, an Iron Man Armor and a Laser-Challenge - We show that with enough motivation, everything is possible!

Die Getränkebar STAND H04

You are thirsty and in need of a refreshment? We offer apple juice, ice tea, water, beer and other drinks. Our bar is open and we are looking forward to welcome you as a customer.

Die Möbelei STAND E46

Die Möbelei is offering Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, which works on furniture a on many other surfaces without priming or sanding. During the maker Fair, I will offer workshops and live paintings to share my passion with you on decorative painting.

Die Wiener Volkshochschulen (Adult Education Centres) STAND 224

Die Wiener Volkshochschulen offer workshops and courses in almost all districts of Vienna.

Digital Knitting Machine - Veronika Persché STAND E71

Veronika will show insights of her work as a textile designer. Create your own knit pattern design and produce it on the knitting machine!

DIY Meets the Lab – Try Out Self-Made Lab Equipment STAND E50

Is apple juice acidic or alkaline? In an experiment, adults and kids find out about the pH of different liquids. Besides red cabbage juice, they get to use DIY lab equipment, built by Happylab, including a magnetic stirrer and a pH meter.

Do it yourself! Crafts - Repair - Photography STAND E96

Information, hints and tricks for enthusiastic self-makers on the topics of craftsmanship, home, repair and photography.

DOIT: Own Your City STAND E13

DOIT: Skills for young social innovators in an open digital world. Own Your City: Urban data games for awareness, organisation and action in the cities. ZSI and Wiener Neustadt HAK students present their IoT games on urban energy, noise and pollution.

DriveNow Carsharing STAND E16

Enjoy modern, shared mobility with DriveNow! The app is your key to many state-of-the-art BMW & MINI, so you'll always be flexible on the move. Register now for the Maker Fair offer for free (instead of 29 €) at

Design Your World with 3D Printing with DaVinciLab STAND K04

Discover the world of 3D-printing - design your own product and participate in our challange - Are you crazy enough?!

Atelier for Contemporary Printmaking STAND E81

Druckwerk Wien aims to promote artistic printmaking and to be a place where creatives and artists can produce their own graphic works in letterpress, gravure, cyanotype and other processes, or have them produced.


We are an open lab, for students, at the TU Graz. Our members are working on different fields, ranging from microcontrollers, to modern manufacturing techniques, as well as repair workshops.

E-Paper: The Scoreboard of the Future STAND E56

Our project "E-Paper" allows for room labeling without the use of paper, using microcontrollers and e-paper displays. It was created as part of a project work in our school to replace timetable signs in front of rooms.

EBV IoT & Infineon for Makers STAND E17

EBV & Infineon will show concepts for the future of smart cities. They will provide key technologies for this emerging topic.

 EBV for Startups
 Infineon Makers

Edita Rosenrot Modern Vintage Accessories STAND E21

Don't be like the rest of them, darling! Edita Rosenrot designs and makes quirky, feminine, affordable jewellery using vintage and modern materials and techniques. All pieces are one of a kind or limited edition and handmade in Vienna.

Engineering For Kids® STAND K07

Kids often dream about becoming astronauts, inventors or researchers. We are the ones, who turn those dreams into reality. Our aim is to convey technical and natural sciences in an appoproate manner to children, offering a playful approach. We offer workshops for kids from 4-14 years old.

Espressomobil STAND H06

Espressomobil - Best "Coffee to go" in town! In Austria - and especially in Vienna - coffee is much more than just a drink. Coffee is undoubtedly a part of Viennese culture!

Ewa Jewellery & Browne's Handcrafted Candles STAND 248

Ewa Jewellery - Inspired by nature, enjoying creating from simple to detailed work. Every piece I produce individually, currently working with Bronze. Browne's Candles - 100% pure, hand poured, soy wax candles with essential oils, organic body butters and balms.

Exquisit Gifts by MO.DESIGN & KREATIVES in Brass & Wood by Veronika Junger STAND E95

MO.DESIGN is: MO.BAGs: transformed canvas MO.FANs: painted fans MO.BOXes: painted wooden boxes MO.Deco: painted acrylic glass plus KREATIVES by Veronika Junger Brass: Clefs, Tags -> you can make your own

Fab Lab Inventor Garden Munich STAND E52

We are presenting our Fab Lab from Munich und offer childs to shoot with a Nerf Gun at a wall of slingshots. We introduce our projects of the years 2018/2019. In our workshop you can build your own slingshot.

Fablab Bratislava at CVTI SR STAND 220

Fablab Bratislava, in co-operation with secondary schools and universities from Bratislava, teaches digital fabrication. We present works of students created in Fablab.

FabLab Brno & Experience STAND H12

We have a brand new mobile version of our FabLab Brno, it is called FabLab Experience and it is full size truck, primarily for education.

FabLab Croatia > | FabLab with a makers heart! STAND 253

Projects from the first Croatian FabLab. Our mission is oriented toward innovations in education, local community engagements and entrepreneurial mindset shift.

Fabman STAND E09

Managing a maker space is a lot of work. Fabman simplifies all your day-to-day tasks, takes care of billing and payments and lets users book machines and rooms - so you can focus more on your community and growing your business.

Federfarbe STAND 119

Practical and decorative things with illustrative focus made from various materials. Mainly done with the laser cutter. A lot of rawlings for personal crafting are also available.

St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences STAND 234

St. Pölten UAS – the ideal university choice for “makers”. The cooperative study programme “Smart Engineering” turns students into experts for innovative products and smart production by closely combining theory and practice.

University of Applied Sciences STAND E32

Austria’s Technical University of Applied Sciences with around 11,000 graduates so far and 4,400 students.The University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien is Austria’s only purely Technical University of Applied Sciences.

Filament PM: Filaments for 3D Printing STAND E43

We are a company Filament PM from Czech republic producing filaments for 3D Printing. Our materials include PLA, PETG, ABS, ABS-T and special materials - e.g. RUBBERJet-TPE, CFJet, PAJet-nylon, MARBLEJet, etc.

FILAMENTS Premium Line and Tech Line from HERZ STAND 201

When it comes to high quality filament for your 3D-printer you are exactly right with us! The desired printing results can only succeed in using the best filament in the 3D-printer.

Flyce - ALLinONE Mini Factory STAND E57

Cheap and portable mini-factory for various school types and makers

Fridays for Future: Upcycling Everything STAND E72

Fridays for Future together with young people around the globe demands courageous policies to stop climate change. We like to produce the different information materials, needed for our schoolstrikes for climate action, ourselves, by upcycling used paper and packaging.

GamePi STAND E04

The GamePi is a hybrid gaming console, which can be both used as a handheld device and with a monitor. It is run by a Raspberry Pi 3 and the case is 3D-printed.

Garage Lab STAND 259

Garage Lab is a hardware IoT laboratory that brings together all sorts of hardware enthusiasts to work their magic. The Lab operates as a special kind of workshop equipped with advanced tools, components and professional support for building and testing prototypes.

Veggiefarm Artenvielfalt - Sprout Fun STAND 107

The Veggie Farm Artenvielfalt is going to show how easy it is to grow a diversity of sprouts at home. But not in the boring way! We will show you how to grow them in funny Eggshells, beautiful glass cups or used PET bottles.

New-Designed Watering Can STAND 233

This 3D concave attachment for watering cans made of bio-polymer makes watering plants easy and is a great tool for indoor and outdoor. Its shape helps to control the amount of water used precisly.

Free Bike Check-up by Repair Network Vienna & Church of Bikes STAND H01

The Repair Network Vienna and Church of Bikes offer a free bike checkup and service! Just come by with your bike and let the professional carry out small repair on site. With this service, you can start carefree into the new cycling season!

Hand.Werk.Stadt Mödling STAND E40

The Hand.Werk.Stadt is a place ... ... to repair things and make them yourself. ... to be creative. ... to learn and to teach. ... to work together on things or just to exchange ideas.

Handmade Wooden Truck STAND E75

It's an electric truck made from wood and some parts from bike and old VHS video player device . STAND E74

I support two Czech artists and try to make their products known in German-speaking countries. Once it is handmade crochet and knitwear and secondly beautiful handcrafted ceramic products.

Happylab - Austria's biggest Maker Community STAND E01

Become a member of Austria's biggest maker community and realize your projects with Laser Cutters, CNC milling machines & co. in our makerspaces in Vienna, Salzburg and Berlin. In our free training courses we show you how it's done - no previous knowledge requiered.

Home Decor and Jewelry for Nerds for All Tastes STAND E48

daisy chain oddities e.U. designs home decor and wooden jewellry that is inspired by books, movies, tv-shows or science but in a way that is only obvious to people who are into the topic.

HelloFresh STAND 203

We offer our customers inspiration that is easy to implement, so that week after week they can try something new, tried and tested rediscover and eat a balanced diet. This is how we bring variety into your daily cooking routine.

HOORCH - audio drama game STAND 214

HOORCH is a developing project at Pädagogische Hochschule Wien. It supports auditive learning. Pupils make their own audio dramas.

Handmade Bags from Re-Used Fabrics for Your Daily Joy STAND 123

Turn old into new: DAS TAPFERE MICHILEIN, a small business from Graz, designs handmade bags, wallets, pouches, purses and cases. Every piece is manufactured from re-used fabrics like old bed linen, curtains or fabric remnants.

Hut und Stiel - Reduce Waste Produce Taste STAND E30

„Hut & Stiel“ is an urban farm, specialised in the use of locally available resources and environmental friendly processes. The main focus is the cultivation of edible mushrooms on used coffee grounds.

HWS - Props STAND E41

HWS - Props


HANDMADE STREET FOOD: Burgers & Fries! The nutritionist Monica belongs with HY-Kitchen to the pioneers of street food. The Food is always freshly prepared. We use up to 80% BioProducts. The classic car & the charming Team is looking forward to see U!


Unique product of expandable, prefabricated eco-wooden house made in a passive standard, entirely controlled by smart technologies. Hygge Homes can be built completely within 3 months and they are affordable by the general public.

iFixit STAND E73

iFixit is a free online repair manual written by everyone. Our worldwide mission is to help people fix their own stuff—whether it’s a smartphone or a camping tent. Our credo: Anyone can do repair. We’ll show you how.

Individual Engraving with Trotec Laser STAND E92

With our Trotec laser we can engrave, cut and mark a wide variety of materials. At our booth we present numerous individual engravings as well as creative applications and invite you to participate interactively.

Industry 4.0 Cocktail Robot STAND 235

A cocktail robot, developed by students of the Smart Engineering degree course UAS St. Pölten. The Robot provides an example of individualized production. The customers order their cocktail via a specially programmed smartphone application.

jac.UP STAND 105

Do you have enough space at your place? Why should this little space be wasted with troublesome things from everyday life. jac.UP moves the laundry to the ceiling to dry and thus creates more space in the room.

Joab Paper: Pop-Up Cards and Gift Boxes STAND 106

Joab Paper transforms original ideas into 3D paper art. We create personalized cards, gift boxes, paper cut wall art, and other objects with special paper customizable according to your creativity. Come to see how we create our artwork.

Joanna Komorowska design STAND E66

Joanna Komorowska design it is small brand based in Warsaw which makes jewellery and decorations for interiors. Traditional and alternative materials, inspirations from the nature and the city life.

JukeBag STAND 257

The JukeBag is a portable speaker, which you can wear like a backpack. Meet us and try it with your favourite music.

K.u.K. makes aFair STAND 113

Second-hand clothing will be up-signed with stencilprints, embroidery, and other hip methods and afterwards we donate it to the people who like it!

Kimbodogs STAND H08

Kimbodogs was founded in 2015 and has been selling Gourmet Hot Dogs from its mobile stand ever since. However, the hot dogs are anything but conventional. Just like their motto: "We want to offer our consumers something they have never seen or eaten"

Kindlein Silver Microphones STAND 110

The Kindlein Microphones are handcrafted in an artisan tradition. All are one-of-a-kind made of pure solid silver molded into an unique shape by hammer & fire. Distinctive concept – original, handmade, one-of-a-kind – Silver Microphones.

Kitty in a Box STAND 243

Kitty in a box is a website where you can get components, kits and so forth. On our booth you can explore / try out the various kits and projects and see how the kits can be modified.

kolibri-ds STAND 217

Turn something old into something beautiful - also known as upcycling. With a lot of love I add some extra value to old items.

DIY Cosmetics STAND 247

Making your own cosmetics and skin care products allows you to customize your facecream or lotion exactly to your needs. You use natural ingridients, which are safe for your skin. It's easier than you think!

KREAMPACK Embroidery Kits - Stylish Projects for Your Home STAND E77

The KREAMPACK embroidery kits are perfect to teach hoop art yourself! In this box you will find everything you need to get started with this lovely handicraft right away!

Kreaterie STAND 250

At Kreaterie, design meets craft inspired by fashion and trends. Here you will find jewelery made of different materials such as acrylic or wood. The Kreaterie also offers DIY workshops on seasonal topics.

Kronen Zeitung STAND 252

Visit us at the Maker Faire and attend our competition.

AI for Kids & Teens STAND K05

AI - just a buzz word? Not in DaVinciLab - with us you will learn to code robots with machine learning models. How is it possible? Just visit us and discover much more! #learnforlife

…and Laser Cutting is Cool! STAND E85

Some projects using laser cut parts: RC Solar Racer, pickguard for electric guitar, dice tower, etc.

Lighten up! STAND 122

The FRFLI brand emerged from the lack of choice of reflective accessories on the market. Apart from health & safety equipment and sportswear, there was not much to choose from. We try to change that by coming up with funny and fashionable products.

Newportchair & Ruckseat Folding Chair STAND E84

Comfortable chillout chair & ruckseat / Unique folding chair

Lunar - Decentralized Payment System STAND E26

The team is developing an open-source payment system which is based on the distributed-ledger technology. The self developed data structure "Lunar Rail" which is a combination of Blockchain and a DAG and uses AI to regulate the network enables a huge scalability.

MagicShifter 3000 - The WiFi Enabled Open Source Wonder Lamp STAND 206

The MagicShifter 3000 is an open source hardware gadget for RGB lighting, gaming and POV (persistence of vision) applications. By combining its accelerometer with 16 bright RGB LEDs you can draw images “into the air”.

Make STAND E34

The staff of the german Make magazine is looking forward to meet and to talk with makers, will show some projects from the back issues and the heise shop offers kits as well as printed magazines.

Maker Austria - Biggest Maker Space in Vienna STAND 104

Maker Austria - the biggest maker space in the heart of Vienna - offers space for your ideas and projects. Turn your ideas into reality, learn, teach and tinker with like-minded people.

Maker Gio STAND E20

Maker projects which are sometimes replicas or improvements of Instructables projects from the German MAKE magazine or from other makers.

Makerspace Carinthia STAND E37

Makerspace Carinthia is a place, where people with entrepreneurial plans and also existing companies, from one-man business to large-scale companies, are able to realize their ideas in form of innovative prototypes.

Makerspace Hagenberg STAND 240

Makerspace Hagenberg is a group of students from FH Hagenberg, who implement projects in the field of electronics and 3D printing and pass them on to interested parties. An interactive cube was developed, which allows many devices to be controlled.

Markhof Werkstatt STAND E59

The workshop at Markhof offers space and basic equipment for a variety of creative activities. From woodworking to bicycle repair work to all other kinds of (art-) crafting areas you want to develop.

matrix STAND E67

LED-Matices / 3D-Objects

Matter Hacking STAND 121

Drylaces: regular shoelaces turned into wearable boot & shoe dryer. Polygraph: wall mounted automated chalk drawing robot.


At MAYER MAKES you will find a selection of projects you may know form the Youtube-Channels "Element14 presents" and "MAYER MAKES". Among these are the beaglebone portfolio, VR-Pi 2 (Virtual Reality Raspberry Pi) and FetalSynth (an analog synthesizer).

McCube VR STAND 237

The Digitech Research Group of UAS St.Pölten partnered with the young company McCube, to develop the virtual showroom of the future. This virtual showroom allow the users to plan their personal flexible prefab house in new ways, produced by McCube.

Meet Flippix and Win! - The Flipper-Simulator from STAND E39

Play & Win: Come to our booth, play one round with our handcrafted flipper simulator „Flippix“ and win great prizes!

Merchandising - Maker Faire Vienna STAND E12

Get your souvenir from Maker Faire Vienna 2019!

MetaFunk - Communicate Worldwide STAND 251

Amateur Radio always was a playfield for enthusiasts thinking beyond one's own nose in engineering and technics. Our radio station illustrates possibilities of these days and how it worked in past decades.

Metalab STAND 205

Metalab is a Hackerspace from Vienna located at Rathausstraße 6. We have enough space for your hard- and software projects and probably the most creative chaos in Vienna.

Micro-Play STAND E93

Arduino controls a n-gauge model train in a pizza box. Train, signal and railcrossing are controlled automatically. Via an app the visitor can controll the train on his mobile phone manually with a bluetooth connection.

Millie - The Vintage Caravan STAND H07

Millie offers freshly baked heartshaped waffles on a stick with homemade toppings and seasonal fruits as well as natural frozen yoghurt with homemade toppings. Both mouthwatering and yummie, yummie.

Mirrory STAND 102

Mirrory is a smart mirror that not only reflects, but also is able to see and act. A mirror, which was a passive observer for centuries, now becomes an active player.

MMU 2.0 Filament Management & 3DW Awesome Belt STAND 236

3DW Awesome Belt: The first in-place 3D printed belt which also looks great. MMU 2.0 Filament Management: The system solves a problem related with change of filament on your Prusa with MMU 2.0.

Mobile Animation Box STAND 116

Stop Motion Artist Marcus Grysczok would like to develop an analog animation studio that fits into a suitcase.

Modular Robotics for Everyone STAND 218

Educational robotics projects for 3D printing opens up endless combinations and are limited just by your own creativity.

Mundus STAND 255

Mundus is a smart board game of the 21st Century that combines traditional board games and smartphones. By combining traditional board game elements and the potential of our smartphones, we bring virtual entertainment back into the physical world.

MUSCA design STAND 124

Musca combines two design and production approaches: digital and manual. End products are design objects shaped using computational design sofware. produced by CNC machines and manually assembled.

Making Sustainability: United Creations (UC) - vienna.transitionBASE - greenskills - Edible Seestadt - 100 Things of Life STAND E86

UC develops & hosts projects for a good life; such as tBASE, which as LivingLab develops sustainable solutions in construction, self-sufficiency and self-organization, and the greenskills course, which teaches the essence of the know-how gained.

Nerdy Derby // powered by Happylab STAND 101

Welcome at the Nerdy Derby - the car racing event for all nerds and people who want to become one. Build your own racing car in a few steps and compete agaist the others. We created the 8 m long racetrack with the CNC milling machine at Happylab Vienna.

NFC Jewelry STAND E03

Similar to a medallion NFC jewellery offers the possibility to view pictures of loved ones. You place your smartphone on the wooden jewellery and a photo pops up on your screen.

no-mad-living Yurts STAND E38

The no-mad-living-yurts were developed by Patrick Fabian, protoyping was done also at the HappyLab Vienna. The light modular system can be extended for winter living, made for everyone seeking for a highquality mobile space. DIY versions available.

Non-Explosive IoT STAND E60

Showcasing IoT devices designed to be used in potentially explosive surroundings (EX / ATEX)

OpenDrone STAND 125

OpenDrone - an open source project for a self-flying and navigating drone.

OpenStreetMap - The Free Map of the World STAND E51

OpenStreetMap is a map of the world, created by people like you. It can be used freely with an open licence. The map is extremely detailed and at some locations even surpasses the quality of commercial map vendors.

Oskar, Mobile Braille Keyboard STAND 209

Oskar is a mobile keyboard for your smartphone. Oskar supports the braille alphabet. You can build your own mobile keyboard, because Oskar is open-source.

Austrian Computer Society - OCG STAND 230

Digital skills for the future: Robotics - Artificial Intelligence - Coding. Coding challenge & do-it-yourself activities! We welcome all interested visitors, especially teachers, parents and students.

Otelo Robomat - robot factory STAND E91

The Otelo Robomat is part of the new Children's Experience Technology digitization program. With the Robomat, children from the age of 4 can have their own robot assembled and produced.

PanoBot STAND E02

Panobot is a full automatic robot, which can be used to create pictures for Panoramas and Gigapixels with small and large cameras (like DSLRs).

Pedalknights - Nobility in Mobilty STAND 241

We are a society that pursues three goals: 1. to provide affordable bicycles for low-income persons. 2. To make respect and togetherness in traffic again "socially acceptable". 3. To offer help for self-help.

Personal Robotics STAND E05

Personal Robotics is a project that aims to develop humanoid robots which are affordable, versatile and environmentally justifiable, as an application for available open source solutions.


Very small and very large modells, apparatuses and constructions with complicatet components by self-construction at home with the 3D-printer.

Physics Cart STAND E15

We use workaday tools and materials like plastic bottles, disposable syringes, a cordless screwdriver or a barbecue grid to present surprising physical phenomena that can be tried right away.

plasticpreneur - Turning Waste into Value STAND E82

Plasticpreneur faces the challenge of plastic waste and offers tools to turn plastic waste into valuable things. There is a variety of applications and therefore offers the development of new prodcuts, projects and businesses.

Precious Plastic Vienna STAND E83

We recycle plastic waste and make precious products out of it.

Project_Scout STAND E23

Project_Scout has to be some kind of a mobile navigationssystem for blinds - like a Guide-Dog-Robot.

projekt workstations STAND E45

Workstations is a platform for the creation of workshops, open spaces and experimental fields around craft and design, architecture and art, for children, adolescents and adults.

Prusa Research by Josef Prusa STAND 109

Prusa Research is a 3D printing company based in Prague, Czech Republic. It was founded by Josef Prusa, one of the core developers of the Open Source project RepRap, in 2012 as a one-man startup and grows to a 350+ team now.

realraum STAND E54

We are the makerspace and hackerspace in the center of Graz. The DIY-Biolab in the heart of Austria. Our community has set up an electronics, chemistry and bio-lab, tools shack, workareay and cushy social couch and will happily welcome new creatives.

Repairnetwork Vienna STAND 204

The network holds more than 85 member companies in and around Vienna, specialised in high quality repair services. The network members carry out more than 50.000 repairs per year, which corresponds to about 750 tons of waste prevented.

Robo Wunderkind STAND K01

Robo Wunderkind is a modular robotics kit that even a 5-year-old child can easily put together and bring to life. Using color coded blocks, kids assemble their working robot and program it to perform real functions. We invite big and little makers to join our interactive playground and explore the exciting world of robots. Build, play, code and explore – Robo Wunderkind makes it childish easy!

Robomaniac: STEM-Robotics for Kids STAND K09

At the RoboManiac booth children get to know different educational robots and make first programming experiences. At the do-it-yourself station kids can build an electro quiz.

Robot that Makes Friendship Bracelets STAND 260

Robot that makes friendship bracelets is an original project based on Arduino, which parts are 3D printeded. Friendship bracelets are made from 3 strings. This is a unique robot made with aim to spark the interest of girls for the field of Robotics.

Robotic Architecture STAND E06

The construction worker of the future - A mobile construction robot creates and prints spatial structures. As part of a swarm system, it can also generate larger structures, including architecture.

Robotics Club from Mathematical Grammar School Belgrade STAND 258

Our stand is about robots made with Arduino and similar systems. We are high schoolers trying to promote robotics so other teenagers would practice it. There you can try out our interactive robots and hopefully see something new and interesting.

Rosette 4.0 STAND 238

16 modules form an interactive, kinetic, imaging body. Each module consists of a Raspberry Pi, a servomotor and a display. The user and the installation are creating a new space of interaction.

Sanfish - Modern Seafood STAND H09

Team Sanfish brings seafood and fish to a new level of flair. With high quality and unique products, we would like to bring you a tasteful journey.

SAZÓN - Cocina Latina STAND H10

With a successful combination of Latin-American creativity and European professionalism, SAZÓN, with its delicious Arepas, Gourmet Fries and sweet Churros, is not just a culinary delicacy, also the colorful Food Truck is a real eye catcher!

Self-Construction of Radio Transceivers, Antennas and Other Radio Equipment STAND E25

We build our own radios and put them into operation legally. We provide necessary knowledge on how to use the devices and prepare for the state exam of worldwide radio operations. We’ll show you how to make radio devices fun.

SideCutter STAND E70

DIY Arcade Gaming and Animatronic/Robotic projects

Silence Box STAND 261

Silence Box is a squared-shaped stool, with a LED lamp fixed inside. The idea has been developed during a hiking trip into the mountains, in South Tyrol. The sitting plane and the holes are modelled with a parametric system, according with nature.

Skonk Worx - The Universal Lab STAND 246

Skonk Worx is a maker lab in the 16th district of Vienna that offers machines for every task. Also offered are seminars on the topics of CAD, 3D printing, climate change, sustainability and renewable energies, DIY construction of a laptop, etc.

SLIME - Playful Polymers - by Engineering For Kids® STAND K08

During this Chemistry workshop children will create their own SLIME, which is neither a liquid nor a solid. Children will identify its physical properties and understand how molecules combine liquids and solids to create a polymer, while having FUN!)

Social Impact Award Austria STAND 120

Our mission is to promote the knowledge and practice of social entrepreneurship. We do so by raising awareness for social entrepreneurship, offering an educational program guiding from vague intentions to a social venture. STAND 212

A camping trip is a chance to get back to nature. Unfortunately, we still depend on local power infrastructure. offers an alternative through portable extraction of solar power for powering cellphones, notebooks, toothbrushes etc.

Soldering Sound STAND 111

WoopWoopWoop-BzZzzBbzz! Florian Fusco builds and plays his own synths. He is presenting his "soldering sound" workshop. Visitors are invited to lay hands on his sound machines.

Intoxication in Moderation STAND 207

Intoxication in Moderation is all about conservative consumption of alcohol. Drink as exactly as possible from your beverage and win against your friends. A multiplayer treat for the whole (grown-up) family. Colorful lights included.

Spectrum Filaments STAND E24

We would like to explain how the filament manufacturing process looks like, show our previous projects and give away free filament samples!

Slot Car Callenge and Coaching STAND E68

Portable slot car racing track for use in mediation processes or just for fun and recreation. For hire or for sale. Softly illuminated object made of acrylic glass, portable in a shoulder bag, set up and ready for use in a few minutes.

Travel Games STAND E61

Backgammon, Draughts, Ludo... all handprinted on 100% cotton. With a touch of origami, the game neatly folds into a portable bag to carry your wooden checkers. Play anywhere and anytime with spielmawas - travel games.

Subface STAND 114

Subface is a digital fabrication system for an automatic design of construction parts of life-size low-poly objects. Based on low poly wire frame input, it calculates geometry of the supporting frame and outer faces.

Engineering at FH Campus Wien STAND E36

Listen up, makers! FH Campus Wien is presenting project work and providing information about its degree programs: from electronics and computer science through mechanical engineering and robotics to hospital / medical technology and electromobility.

The Greater Good STAND E65

"The Greater Good" is a partnership of two entrepreneurs who with a good sense of Fashion and an eye for detail go up against todays throwaway society. With a blend of old and modern, new life is given to forgotten materials and garments.

TicTacToe - Robot STAND 239

With our robot you can play TicTacToe on a specially created user interface. The moves are drawn by the robot on the field.

Trash UPs STAND 211

We reuse and upcycle daily products and create uniques to reduce ressources consumption. With the donations we help animal chartiy and environmental organisations.


The underground maker introduces itself. A round of our projects and the pivat FabLAB.

UnravelTEC - Stay Curious with Raspberry Pi STAND E53

Explore your environment with our sensors for the Raspberry Pi. Test sensors for particulate matter, CO2, UV radiation and cameras for UV-, IR- and thermal images. We are working on the ultimate sensor HAT - follow us at

Our Remake - What are Your Ideas? STAND 227

Let's raise awareness for sustainable DIY projects. What does sustainability mean to you? How can 3D printing be sustainable? Come talk to us about your ideas and opinions. Visitors of all ages are welcome. (An oeg3D project)

Upcycling Jewellery STAND E62

Old Materials will be new Jewellery.

V-King DIY 3D-printer STAND 256

The V-King CoreXY 3D-printer by Roy Bernsten stands out with it's big printing area of 350x400x400mm. Completely belt driven, wheel based and driven by a 32bit Controller makes it a very quiet printer, ideal for performing in living rooms.

VeloHoMe DIY Bike Building STAND 117

At VeloHome we build bike frames and bikes from steel, bamboo and carbon.

ViennaFPV - Wiener Whoop Racing League STAND E88

Microcopter - Tiny space but BIG fun. Try FPV drones and watch the final race of the Wiener Whoop Racing League (W2RL)

Vietnam Deli STAND H05

Have a taste of authentic Vietnamese Street Food with a modern twist! Fresh, healthy, home-cooked. This is Vietnam deli.

Visual Harmony STAND 118

Improvising, compose, transpose, analyze immediately and without prior knowledge on keyboards and stringed instruments.

What is sustainable design? Repair your own electric toothbrush and find out hands on! STAND E90

How should sustainable products, that could also be repaired be designed? Find out by repairing your own toothbrush! STAND 244

I started my journey to Zero Waste lifestyle in 2018. It couldn’t be a more wonderful journey. I got happier and healthier along the way. Now, I offer everyday solutions for living without using single use plastics and packaging.

Werkbuchcafé STAND E79

Viennas first bookshop for all DIY-techniques presents you the newest books and ideas for selfmade items. You can try one of our workshops on the spot and make a leather bracelet.

Werksalon Co-Making Space STAND E22

Handicraft, design and art in a 400m2 two-storey factory hall right here at Metastadt. We offer hourly tours through the carpentry and our studios, departing from the Maker Faire.

Wiener Atelier STAND E47

Recycling materials & upcycling products

We are the Robots STAND E29

2 self-built remote-controlled vehicles; wearables: robot-pullover, handbag; Coffee-Can Radar

WorldControl STAND E69

Game + Crafts + TwitterBot + Political Statement = WorldControl - the absolute board game

Wundergarten Verlag / CitySpotterGirl STAND 249

The famous CitySpotterGirl presents her books, published by Wundergarten Verlag. Among her tavel guides you will find Viennas first DIY-Guide and the beautiful „Das Wiener Muster-Buch“ full with colorful patterns. Come by and let your creativity flow.

Wunderwuzzi Robots STAND E89

The Wunderwuzzi robots offer children a fun introduction to the fascinating world of robotics.

Wormbox - From Organic Waste to Gold STAND E27

25% of all general waste is organic waste - that shouldn't be. Worm boxes made of wood in which countless numbers of earthworms live and convert organic waste into high-quality worm humus. The boxes look like stylish stools and perfectly fit in the apartment.